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ProPay bank transfer

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New: Adansonia (ማደጋስካር), ፐሬንያልስ, በልብስ

From the following countries you can send us money via ProPay bank transfer through any ProPrecredit Bank in this country to our bank account in ቡልጋሪያ or ሮማኒያ.


• አልቤኒያ
• ቦዝኒያ እና ሄርዜጎቪና
• ሞልዶቫ
• ማሴዶኒያ
• ኮሶቮ
• ሰርቢያ
• ዩክሬን


• አርሜኒያ
• ጆርጂያ


• ሞዛምቢክ

ይንን እቃ ወደ ግዢ ሳጥንዎ ከትተውታል።