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E-shop Help: How to use e-shop to place an order

1. Choose your mother tongue on the top of the page.

2. Choose species and quantity you want to buy.

In the catalogue click on the image of Shopping cart labeled as "Add to Shopping Cart" Add to Shopping Cart.

3. You will see a black notice that required species were added to your Shopping Cart.

4. You can continue with shopping.

5. Do not forgot to check up

1) all letters in the catalogue

2) all subpages counted by numbers within the same letter

6. Anytime you can click on Show Shopping Cart to see what you have ordered.

7. If your search for a certain species you can browse by the categories or simply write the Latin name into the search field.

8. If you wish to buy more packets, you can simply click several times on the image of Shopping cart or click on Show Shopping Cart.

  • Here you can modify your order.
  • You can multiply any species by writing the number of packets you want to buy.
  • You can click on Delete item or write number zero "0" if you wish to remove some species from your order.
  • If you wish to by less than 1 kg of seeds, you can modify quantity from 0,5 kg and more. You can not buy less than 0,5kg of seeds.
  • You can have maximum 50 species in your shopping cart. If you wish to buy more species, you have to send your order on several times. Do not be worried, all yours partial orders will be supplied together.

9. When your order is completed, please:

  • write your address
  • if you are a KPR member, click on "I am a member of KPR" - your order will be supplied faster, before the orders of not-members
  • select payment method
  • you can write your comments (please use only language that our stuff can speak)
  • you can write species you want to buy as well, but they can not be ordered on-line (e.g. Vitis vinifera cuttings, Flora of Australia)

Then click on "Send your order".

10. Within few minutes, you will receive email with your order confirmation. Please wait for another email with your order confirmation and payment details.

You have add this item into your Shopping Cart.