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Membership Information

As from September 2007 you can become a member of KPR even if you can not speak or understand Slovak language.
In the year 2000, we have started our club in Slovak language. Since than we have had many members joining mainly from Slovakia and Czechia.
Now you can enjoy all the benefits of membership in KPR Slovakia as well – and it does not matter who you are or what language you speak.
We welcome anyone form anywhere around the world who loves plants. Join us now!
Unfortunately, one disadvantage still exists: You will not be able to read our club journal Botanix, if you cannot understand any of the languages in which is Botanix available.
On the other hand, why not start your own journal in your own language? Get together with other gardeners, speaking the same language, and start writing or collecting interesting articles about gardening, plants etc and then start with your own Botanix in your own language!
There are no restrictions for your self-fulfillment!
On the other hand, the growing information specifically meant for Slovak gardeners can not always be used in tropical areas and vice versa, thus the local language mutation of Botanix would be desirable.

Membership of the KPR Slovakia

Why to become a member of the KPR?

1. KPR members can place their orders for better prices. See some examples bellow. (There are no minimal limits for orders.)

Halaga para sa mga kasapi ng KPR Halaga para sa mga hindi kasapi %-discount
0,50 € 0,70 € 29%
0,70 € 0,90 € 22%
1,00 € 1,50 € 33%
3 € 4 € 25%

2. Each member can pick up 5 FREE seeds samples each year (except of palms and cycads seeds, and seeds of some selected species) from the Seeds and Plants Bank of the KPR. Members are furthermore entitled to a 50% discount for other samples (the standard price is 1 Euro for a sample; while the price for KPR's members is 0,50 Euro only).

3. Orders of KPR's members are processed before orders of non-members.

4. Free consultations in 11 languages during the year concerning growing plants

5. You can use Open Account services.

Bukas na Akawnt - Information about Open Account
Ang isang Bukas na Akwant ang pinakakomportableng paraan sa pamimili sa KPR. Pinapadalhan mo kami ng pera bago umorder ng kahit ano – kung kailan mo ngustong maglagay ng order, ang iyong order ay ikakaltas sa iyong Balanse sa Bukas na Akawnt kaagad. Ibig sabihin nito, hindi na namin kailangang hintayin ang iyong bayad bago kami magpalabas ng order, at ang iyong order ay maaari nang ibalot at ipapadala kaagad. Maaari kang magdagdag sa iyong Bukas na Akawnt kahit na anong oras, sa pamamagitan ng kahit anong matatanggap na pamamaraan ng pagbayad.
Kung gusto nyong magdagdag ng pondo sa inyong Bukas na Akawnt, i-type ang iyong personal na numero upang aming makilala ang mithiin ng iyong pagbayad. Makakadagdag na kami kaagad ng pondo sa inyong Bukas na Akawnt kapag kaagad naming natanggap ang iyong bayad. Walang limit sa pagdagdag ng pondo sa iyong Bukas na Akawnt. Ang balanse sa inyong Bukas na Akawnt ay kaagad-agad niyong magagamit kapag naidagdag na ang pondo.
Kung gusto niyong bayaran ang iyong order sa pamamagitan ng Balanse ng Bukas na Akawnt, pakisabihan kami gamit ang mga sumusunod na mensahe: “Ang aking order ay babayaran ko gamit ang aking Bilang ng Bukas na Akawnt. XXXXXXX” Ang iyong order ay ikakaltas kaagad habang ito ay ipinoproseso at ito ay palalabasin kaagad-agad kapag ito ay naibalot na.
Maaari mong hingin na ibalik ang pondo mula sa iyong Bukas na Akawnt. Subalit, itatak sa isip na ikaw ay kakaltasan ng bayad sa pagbabalik sa iyo ng pera. Walang dagdag na bayad kapag ang pagbabalik ng pera ay sa pamamagitan ng PayPal; at ang pinakamalaking dagdag bayad sa pagbabalik sa iyo ng pera sa pamamagitan ng ay 0,50 Euro. Walang dagdag na bayad sa pagbabalik sa iyo ng pera sa pamamagitan ng lokal na paglipat pera sa bangko sa loob ng Slovakia at Tseko. Maaaring huwag magdalawang isip na makipag-ugnayan sa amin para sa mga dagdag na bayad / ang ibang pamamaraan ng pagbayad sa ibang bansa. Aming ibabalik ang iyong pera mula sa iyong Bukas na Akawnt sa loob ng 60 araw pagkatapos naming matanggap ang iyong pakiusap.
Note: Using an Open Account will save you money on fees for money transfers. You only need to transfer your money once to your Open Account and pay your orders from this account as many times as you require.
Any questions?

6. If your orders in the year 2010 are over 80 Euro, you can place an order for any seeds or plants to the value of 10 Euro FREE of charge!

7. Annual lottery with prices of 50, 30, and 15 Euro free shopping with us!

...and many other advantages regarding which we will keep you informed.

Membership conditions

1. You need to fill-in Membership Registration Form and pay an annual subscription fee of 10 Euro before May 31of the year of membership. The money of membership-subscriptions is used for the development of KPR activities around the globe.

Annual membership fee for 2010

(Membership is valid from 1.10.2009 until 31.12.2010)

Annual Subscription First year Renew for next year
10 Euro 5 Euro

2. You should place at least 2 orders per year from the Club's Offer. There is no minimum limit for any order.

3. You can also pay voluntary dues together with your membership subscription which will also be used for the development of the KPR network around the globe.

Interested in becoming a member of KPR? It's easy! Join us right now. Just fill-in this Membership Registration Form.

Membership Registration Form

I wish to become a member of KPR

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